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SIRACUSA- Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Excursion included in the registration fee

Departure at 14.00 – return at 20.15


Leaving the hotel by coach we enter the freeway to the south, motoring between the impressive shape of Mount Etna and the blue-green Ionic sea, passing among orchards of orange and lemon trees. After about one hour you will reach Siracusa This magnificent town, one of the most important archaeological sites in Sicily, was founded by Greeks in 734 BC. Its growth was rapid and Syracuse soon became one of the most important towns in Sicily. The town fought many enemies and at last was conquered by the Romans in 212 BC. After the Romans, the Arabs, the Normans and the Aragoneses occupied the city. Arriving in Syracuse you shall first visit the archaeological park: the roman amphitheatre, the Greek theatre, the rope makers’ grotto, the Dionysus’ ear.

After this you will visit the old city, located on the small island of Ortigia. Since busses are not allowed in this area you shall leave the bus at the parking lot and will continue your visit on foot: Pancali Square, the ruins of the Apollo’s temple dating to the first quarter of the 6th century BC, Corso Matteotti, the main and most elegant shopping area, Archimede Square with the fountain of Artemide, the Cathedral from the exterior, Fountain Aretusa. After some free time, for wandering around, shopping or enjoying a cappuccino or an ice cream, gathering of participants and back to the hotel or to the conference banquet.

De luxe coach, English speaking guide and ticket for archaeological park included.




CONFERENCE BANQUET - Wednesday, September 28, 2011

We will spend the evening at the seaside, on a pleasant terrace overlooking the beach. The restaurant "Da Nino" (http://www.danino.it) is on the Letojanni seafront on the shores of Jonian Sea a few kilometers from Taormina, formerly a small fishing village and now a popular tourist summer resort.

Enjoy our dinner of Sicilian cuisine, enchanted by the lights of the bay.

€ 60,00 per person

Those who do not participate in the excursion to Siracusa will benefit from the dedicated bus service leaving from Porta Catania Taormina Parking at 19.45.


MOUNT ETNA - Saturday, October 01, 2011

Equipment/Suggestions: warm clothing suggested

Departure at 08.30 – return at 15.30


Rising 3.326 meters into the air, this volcano dominates the entire Ionian coast of Sicily and its mass is so vast that it overshadows all other mountains. Mt. Etna is the highest active volcano in Europe and we can find, along its slopes, more than 200 craters, formed during the numerous and terrible eruptions of its history.

Arriving at 1.900 meters, you will visit the Silvestri Craters, three extinct craters formed in the XIX century. At the end of the walk you can have some leisure time to take something to eat and for shopping.

In the early afternoon you will be driven back to the hotel.

€ 38,00 per person

Rate includes: de luxe coach, English speaking guide



Not advisable for people with cardiac problems and high blood pressure

From Silvestri Craters (at about 1.900 mt) you can begin your exciting ascension to the upper part of the volcano by cable car and by four wheel drive minivans. You will reach about 2900 metres altitude, close to where the last crater opened up, from there you will proceed on foot for a short panoramic walk in the area of the craters. At the end of the walk board again the four wheel drive minivans for the descent to 1900 metres.

This extra tour will last 2 ˝ hours

€ 38,00 + 47,00 per person

Rate includes: de luxe coach, English speaking guide + ticket for cable car and four wheel drive minivans with alpine guide for the visit at 2.900 mt.





Never shall I forget the sensation of our arrival in Sicily. The sky was the bluest of blues; on one side of the train the sea was sparkling, to the other were mountains, and orange and lemon groves. The sun was dazzling. It was hot.


D. Phelps, A House in Sicily



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